Shipping & Delivery

Normally will deliver goods to customers in about 20-60 working days after receiving the order if the goods are shipped from abroad. For available items, we will process your delivery from 05-07 working days after order confirmation. However, there are also cases where the delivery lasts more than a few working days, but only occurs in the following force majeure circumstances:
- staff contact customers via phone should not be able to deliver.
- The shipping address you provided is incorrect or hard to find.
- The sudden increase in the number of orders from results in delayed order processing.
- The partner supplying goods to is slower than expected, causing the delivery to be delayed or the delivery partner is delayed.
- Goods retained at the border gate for goods transported from abroad
About shipping costs, shipping charges depending on the area of ​​goods. When you place an order we will show you the estimated shipping cost for you.