• Oil-free Fryer Perfect GLA-568
  • Oil-free Fryer Perfect GLA-568
  • Oil-free Fryer Perfect GLA-568
  • Oil-free Fryer Perfect GLA-568

Oil-free Fryer Perfect GLA-568

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Perfect USA
SKU 1146227274998
Origin brand
USA - Made in China
Model GLA-568
Voltage 220V
  • Cover: PP Plastic
  • Pot: Steel
Capacity 3 Liters

L x W x H: 32 x 32 x 37 cm

+Genuine 12 month warranty

Perfect oil-free fryer is designed to fry food without grease. The pot uses Rapid air vacuum heating technology, which uses the maximum amount of air to fry food instead of using grease. So using the Perfect air fryer reduces up to 80% of the fat compared to frying with conventional grease. The great benefit of an oil-free fryer is that the dish will not be greasy because the frying does not use grease or if so, use very little, even the fried chicken will still release some fat left under the tray. fried. This will be beneficial for health, who want to lose weight or are suffering from cardiovascular disease or blood fat, diabetes, high blood pressure.

Perfect oil-free fryer uses Rapid air vacuum heating technology, using maximum air to fry, bake food instead of using grease. The upper fan on the inside of the pot will blow out the hot air, then the hot airflow of up to 200 degrees C will circulate at a fast and strong speed around the food blister to crispy food evenly. gas instead of grease as usual.

Oil-free fryer Perfect USA GLA-568 1400W 3L

Minimize the amount of excess fat in the food
Perfect oil-free fryer is designed to fry, bake food without grease. Thanks to that, the pot helps reduce up to 80% of the fat compared to frying, bake with regular grease so you can comfortably enjoy fried, grilled dishes without worrying about being obese, high blood pressure or getting sick about cardiology.

It helps reduce fat intake compared to regular greasy frying.

Multifunctional cooking
Perfect oil-free fryer can be used to make variously fried and grilled dishes such as French fries, grilled chicken wings, baked sweet potatoes, kebabs, popcorn, sandwich, food drying, reheating food ... The product uses a smoke filter to minimize smoke when frying, baking food.

Compact design, modern

Durable material, anti-stick
The plastic outer shell, high heat resistance. Durable plastic material, corrosion-resistant and easy to clean when dirty. The heart of the pot is designed with V + technology, a new durable system with very good anti-sticking, and a frying pan made of stainless steel covered with 3 non-stick layers, helping the food when processed without sticking the pot causing burning, At the same time easy to clean after use.

4L capacity to cook more food
Perfect oil-free fryer is designed with a pot capacity of up to 4L so you can fry food in large volumes for many people. In addition to the 3L capacity, the product also helps you to be able to make solid dishes such as chicken, duck ...

Operation is simple

How to use Perfect multi-purpose vacuum fryer is also very simple, just put food that has been pre-marinated in the tray and then adjust the time and temperature of fried frying and you will have your favorite dishes right away. In particular, Perfect Oil-free fryer can process a lot of dishes such as grilled chicken, barbecue, chips, even items like popcorn or baking.

Cooking becomes simpler and more convenient
The closed fryer design incorporates the air fryer filter and the oil-free feature of the air fryer to help you cook more cleanly. After cooking, there will be no more clothes or hair smells like food, the kitchen area will not be splashed with dirty oil.
Ability to filter odors
Built-in ability to filter odors to help food not mixing each other's taste. When fried at high temperatures, the smell of food is sucked out, does not accumulate inside the narrow space of the inner pot so the food after processing will have a better aroma.

Save cooking time
It only takes 12 - 18 minutes to fry food, compared to other types of ovens on the market, time 35 - 40 minutes, so the Perfect Air fryer saves 50% of cooking time, the amount of electricity. consumption is therefore also saved half compared to normal.

Bring modern looks to the kitchen space
Perfect oil-free fryer possesses beautiful designs and elegant colors, not only maximum support for the kitchen but also contributes to a luxurious and modern style for your kitchen space.

Note storage frying tray:

  • When you first buy, you should wash the frying tray once with dishwashing liquid to wash away the dirt on the surface of the frying tray, then sweep a layer of coffee on the frying tray surface and reheat, then rinse the frying tray. for clean. This will both help deodorize the non-stick paint and make the frying tray easier to wash.
  • Do not leave the frying pan on a hot stove, as the inside of the pan does not contain oil, as this will cause the nonstick coating to peel off easily. Rinse the oil to start the machine 2 minutes before use.
  • Use only plastic or wooden spoons and stir-fries to cook foods in the frying tray. Do not use these tools when bent or scratched because easy to make peeling anti-stick paint.
  • When the frying pan is hot, do not pour the fish sauce or salt directly because the non-stick paint will be porous.
  • Do not use high-concentration detergents or put the frying tray in the dishwasher because detergents and high temperatures in the machine will quickly damage the non-stick paint. Frying utensils should be soft towels or sponge, avoiding metal objects.