• Oil-free Fryer Perfect GLA-809
  • Oil-free Fryer Perfect GLA-809
  • Oil-free Fryer Perfect GLA-809
  • Oil-free Fryer Perfect GLA-809

Oil-free Fryer Perfect GLA-809

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Perfect USA
SKU 7854474491788
Origin Brand
Made in
Model GLA-809
Power 1600 W
Materials High-quality PP plastic
6 Liters
6.5 kg
Dimension L x W x H: 42 x 39 x 42 cm

+Genuine 12 months warranty

Modern design, luxury
Oil-free fryer PERFECT GLA 809 has a modern, luxurious design that contributes to the modern style of your kitchen space. The outer shell is made of durable plastic, has good heat resistance, and is easy to clean when dirty. The super-large 5.5L capacity is convenient to fry a variety of foods such as fish, meat, potatoes ...

The pot is made up of many durable materials, limiting corrosion over time, and has been recognized as safe for consumers' health. You will save a lot of cost of equipment procurement, electricity costs as well as the time when using the oil-free fryer PERFECT GLA 809.

Air rapid Technology

Rapid Air technology makes the most of the convection air in and out of the pot at high speed to fry foods, helping food ripen twice as fast as conventional ovens, saving time and energy consumption.

Reduce 80% of the fat
Fried foods not only do not need to use grease, but the amount of fat from the food is automatically separated and flowed into the drip tray at the bottom, helping to reduce up to 80% of the fat. Although the fried food is fat but not dry, it still retains its softness.

Safe to use

The PERFECT GLA 809 fryer has a smart way to escape the heat, limits heat overload, and also has the power to automatically cut off when frying to help you feel secure when using, no need to worry about electrical problems.