• High-pressure Sprayer Perfect PF-F909 Car Washer
  • High-pressure Sprayer Perfect PF-F909 Car Washer
  • High-pressure Sprayer Perfect PF-F909 Car Washer

High-pressure Sprayer Perfect PF-F909 Car Washer

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Perfect USA
Power 1800W
Voltage 220V
Dimension L x W x H: 37.5 x 30 x 27 cm
Brand origin
Made in

Magnetic Motor , High-quality Plastic

Maximum pressure 20mPa
Water flow <330L/h
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+Genuine Warranty 12 months

Compact structure, does not occupy an area and space, handy, easy to move, operate.


With the characteristics of saving water and high pressure, the machine is not only useful in washing cars but also can:


-Water, spray flowers.

-Cleaning of algae moss per year stains the surface of the house.

-Remove the old paint, lime when you want to beautify the surface of the house.


PERFECT PF-P909 high-pressure washer has a powerful motor, 1800W power creates strong injection pressure that will blow away long-lasting dirt, cleaning every corner of your car. The product works stably, saving water compared to normal water.

The PERFECT PF-P909 pressure washer uses modern magnetic motor technology that is different from the conventional brushless car washers, which is a more advanced technology motor with low noise and load capacity. high, durable .. The type of induction motor helps the machine work well in humid environments, high humidity air. In addition, car wash machines use magnetic induction motor usually has a greater weight than machine using brush motor.

PERFECT PF-P909 car washer has a case made of high strength plastic, anti-deformation when impacted, it will be a useful device for car washes, motorbikes, watering plants, sanitary equipment being in the family. The PERFECT PF-P909 high-pressure sprayer is compactly designed with high-grade plastic material and specially machined for strong operability to create absolute toughness and durability.