• Electric Pressure Cooker Perfect PF-RC869
  • Electric Pressure Cooker Perfect PF-RC869
  • Electric Pressure Cooker Perfect PF-RC869
  • Electric Pressure Cooker Perfect PF-RC869
  • Electric Pressure Cooker Perfect PF-RC869

Electric Pressure Cooker Perfect PF-RC869

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Perfect USA
SKU 7287119012053
Origin brand USA
Made in
Model PF-RC869
Type of Cooker
Tuck lid
5 Liters; Rice cooking capacity: 1.8 Liters
Material inside pot Non-stick aluminum
Voltage 220V

Length x Width x Height: 373 x 307 x 273mm


+Genuine warranty 12 months


Electric Pressure Cooker Perfect PF-RC869

It can remove excess sugar (70%) in rice by separating sugar technology in each grain, thereby giving users the nutritious and safe rice grain.


+ Boil at high temperature

Rice cooked in high-temperature water will help eliminate rapidly digested starch ("bad" starch).

At the heating step, the pot will bring the temperature up to a certain level and maintain that temperature level.

+ Separation

After heating to the appropriate temperature, the rice cooker will rely on the preset parameters to control and maintain the temperature in the pot to make the sugar content separate from the rice and dissolve into it. water, while maintaining the Amylose content (the main content in slow-absorbing starches) kept in rice.

+ Splitting the sugar

After the process of separating harmful sugar from rice and dissolving it in water in the most optimal way, the smart drainage system built into the rice cooker will automatically remove all water and all crystals. Fast-digesting powder (RDS), helps the rice after cooking still retains the natural flavor but retains many nutrients inherent in rice.

+Steamed rice

After removing the starch-containing water, the pot will continue to heat to steam evenly rice grains like normal rice, but the rice will now have no starch fast, safe for people with diabetes and obesity.


Amylopectin-rich foods should be minimized, and instead choose high-amylose starches to ensure a healthy diet. If you eat rice without removing bad starch, then the consequences will be very dangerous.

The disease is easily acquired if you eat a lot of bad carbs.

Certificate of sugar separation of PF-RC869.

PF-RC869 energy efficiency certificate.